The Grippy Story

Hi! I'm Elyse, founder of Grippy. I live in gorgeous Newcastle, NSW.

I fell in love with reformer pilates after my second baby, while trying to get my core back! In 2020 I was on maternity leave with my third baby, and noticed there were not many bright or 'fun' grip socks on the market, but they were still walking out the door at every pilates class I was at!

So, the idea for vibrant and fashionable grip socks was born and brought to life a couple of months later. The aim is to 'have fun with it' by not taking yourself too seriously and wearing socks that match your personal style or vibe for the day.

We launched in November 2020 with our 5 Colour Pop socks and were sold out within the week. From there, we have grown to a range of 4 size offerings in almost 50 different styles/colours of socks, with new styles arriving regularly. We also have a tribe of Grippy stockists all over the world. What started as a side hustle has now become a full time gig 🥰

Thank you for your ongoing support of this brand - I'm incredibly grateful and hope to keep providing you with fun and vibrant grip socks long into the future!

Elyse xx 


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